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Women's Wool Plush Slippers

  • Size: 6-11
  • Upper: genuine sheepskin with premium fleece
  • Lining: shearling or faux fur
  • Outsole: TPR
  • Product description: different materials, different styles, different colors for your choice

genuine sheepskin with premium fleece

shearling upper and lining

faux fur slippers

1. MOQ: 1000 pairs/style

2. OEM: Welcome, customer can customize color, size, etc.

3. Color: Various Colors Optional

4. Package: Box

5. Payment: T/T, L/C, D/P

6. Sample time: a week

7. Supply Capacity: 60000 pairs/month

8. Quality Assurance: Every production procedure is strictly controlled, from choosing raw-materials to shipment.


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